Returns & Refunds

Cancellation after dispatch of the product

 In the event that the customer wishes to cancel the transaction/sale, he may do so by approaching the Company’s customer service by email to

STUDIO@KEDEM-SASSON.COM within 14 days of receiving the product.

Returning or replacing the product is subject to the product being intact and not having been made use of or having been personally adapted for the customer and always providing that the labeling/ticketing has not been removed from the product and that the product is in its original packaging and carton in which it was supplied. Subject to the conditions detailed above, the Company will provide a full refund, without cancellation charge if the product is returned by the customer. However, giving a refund is limited to 3 successive product returns.

 Cancellation due to damage or failure to comply with the items shown on the Site

 The customer must check the product immediately upon its arrival. To the extent that the customer receives a product that is defective, or if the specification of the product differs from the specifications published on the Site, the customer may cancel the transaction within 14 days from the date on which the product is received, by a notice of cancellation by email to STUDIO@KEDEM-SASSON.COM , to the Company’ customer service, all in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.

Cancellation of the sale by the Company and terminating activity on the Site

In any event in which – due to force majeur – the Company is unable to operate Site normally, to supply products or to fulfill all of its obligations, the Company will be entitled to cancel its agreements with buyers, in whole or in part. In this section “force majeure” signifies that which accepted in law, including computer failure, failures in the phone system or failures in any other system of communications, delivery and security occurrences.

 To the extent that factors and/or events which are not under the control of the Site owners and/or operators, delay and/or prevent the fulfillment of a sale of products and/or services, for any reason, either in whole or in part, and in any way whatsoever, and/or the supply of products and/or the supply of the services advertised on the Site, on the dates that have been determined, and/or if there are problems with the computer and/or the phone system and/or any other communications element in the completion of the purchasing process, one way or the other, of whatsoever nature, and/or if – due to hostile actions and/or any other factor of force majeur – the process of ordering products and/or services is in any way delayed and/or impaired, including by way of a standard sale or supply of products and/or services, and/or if changes apply to the rate tax and/or become applicable to the products and/or services between the date of advertising the product and/or service for purchase and between the planned date of supply according to the terms of the purchase of the product and/or service, the Site may cancel the agreement with the customers, in whole or in part, and/or to terminate activities on the Site.

 Without derogating from the aforesaid, if it is discovered after a sale has been completed that the product and/or service is out of stock, the Company is entitled to cancel the sale or to offer an alternative product of equal value. If a sale is cancelled as stated, the Company will not be liable and will not be responsible for, any direct or indirect damage and/or any general or special expense caused to the user or to any third party.

 In the event that there is an error in the printing of the description, the price, the payment terms or the illustration of the product/service, or in any other printed material, or in any data received from the person making an offer, the Company may cancel the specific purchase and give the customer a full cash refund.

 It is hereby clarified that the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981, applying and in force on the transaction date are binding provisions even if there is an indication to the contrary in these Regulations or on the Site.