1. Registering with the Company’s site and providing contact details (genuine only) and details of amounts owing (by the client) are carried out solely at the client’s discretion and with his consent and approval.

2. The Company undertakes not to make any use of the information that is delivered to it by the customers without their permission, unless required to do by the law or to prevent abuse.

3. The Company adopts an acceptable level of care in order to maintain the confidentiality of such information, to the extent possible. All forwarding of credit card numbers from the internet site, is encoded in accordance with the PCI Standard, but in circumstances which are not under the Company’s control and/or arise from force majeure, the Company will not be liable for damage of any kind whatsoever, indirect or direct, which would be caused to a customer if this information was to be lost or if unauthorized was made thereof.

4. The Company advises that, when surfing or performing activities on the Site, including, looking at the range of products offered for sale on the Site, the computerized details of the person who is surfing are automatically documented. These details are used by the Company for control purposes and to improve the Company’s management and marketing with its customers.

5. Some on-line services require registration. Within the registration process, it is required that a user name and password be chosen at the time of using the Site. The Site management may determine from time to time additional or other ways of identification. Clients are asked to pay strict attention to the need to change passwords frequently.

6. Details provided by the customer and details about him that are gathered during his use of the Site, will be kept in the Site management’s data bank. The use of the Site, the customer’s confirmation and his acceptance of the Privacy Policy (abridged and complete), testifies to the fact that the customer using the Site agrees that his details may be saved and managed on the Site management’s data bank. The information on the Site will be used in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law.

7. It is clarified that consenting to the Company’s Privacy Policy (abridged or full) constitutes a consent for the purposes of the provisions of section 30a of the Communications Law (Bezeq and services) 5742-1982, and the customer confirms that by providing his details he is consenting to the Company making contact him, including for the purpose of advertising and marketing its products, offers, etc.

8. The customer consents that the Company will make contact with him through: email, fax, SMS text messages or MMS messages, mail or by telephone – landline or mobile.

9. The Site management will not transfer to third parties, the customers’ personal details and the information which is collected regarding their activities on the Site, except in the following circumstances:

a) to the extent required for the normal supply of the Site’s services and for realizing the objectives of using the information as detailed above, to the extent that the case requires.

b) If the customer breaches the conditions of use and purchasing on the Site, or if the customer performed, through the Site and in connection therewith, activities perceived to be contradictory to the law or as an attempt to perform such activities;

c) If the Site management receives a judicial writ instructing it to provide the customer’s details or the information concerning him, to a third party; for the avoidance of all doubt, the Company is not obliged to oppose any application for a writ that obliges it to provide details regarding a customer, to a third party

d) In any dispute, suit, claim, demand or legal proceeding, if there should be any, between the customer and the Site management;

10. The Company will be permitted to transfer the customer’s details and the information accumulated pursuant to the use of the Site made by the customer, to other companies and organizations that are related to Site management, such as a parent company, a subsidiary and a sister company but only if they use this information solely according to the provisions of this Privacy Policy;

11. The Company may provide and share anonymous information and statistics, with other companies and organizations related to the Site management as well as with suppliers, business partners, advertisers and any third party at its exclusive discretion, but it will not reveal to them knowingly or intentionally, the identities of customers without their explicit consent;

12. The Company may make use of “cookies” for its ongoing activity and the normal functioning of the Site, including for the purpose of accumulating statistical data concerning the use of the Site, data verification, in order to make the Site conform with the personal preferences of its customers and in order to keep the information secure. For additional information regarding “cookies” and the option to remove them or prevent them.

13. The Company may allow third party companies to advertise on the Site and/or operate a system that introduces advertising on the Site. The announcements that the customer looks at when visiting the Site, come from the computers of those companies. In order to manage their advertising, these companies make use of tools that are designed to assist them in understanding the customers’ preferences. For example, these companies may place cookies on the customer’s computer and insert “web beacons” in the commercials, or on the web pages.

14. The Company runs systems on the Site that are designed to secure the information in the best possible way, in accordance with accepted standards. While these systems reduce the risks of unauthorized access to the Site management’s computers, they are not totally secure. Accordingly, the Site management does not undertake that the Site services will be totally impervious to unauthorized access to the information stored thereon.

15. According to the Law to Protect Privacy, 5741-1981, every person is entitled to be privy, by himself or though a representative duly authorized in writing or by a legal guardian, to the information regarding him that is kept in a data bank. A person who reviews the information regarding himself and finds that is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or out of date, may approach the owner of the data bank and request that the information be amended or deleted. If the data base owner refuses, he must advise thereof to the applicant in the method and style determined in the regulations. The person applying for the information may appeal regarding the data base owner’s refusal to allow him to review the information, and regarding the notice of refusal to amend or delete the information, in the manner and style set out in the regulations.