"There was a demand to make Kedem in small sizes"

After years of specializing in sculptured over size fashion ,the veteran designer opens a new line and a new store with clothing designed for an audience that wants the same thing but slightly smaller . "Most important to me is to feel comfortable. Without an effort, easy to wear. That customers would want to return to the items."

"Sasson Kedem celebrates his remarkable collections in the new house in Jaffa"

A clear line connects his sculpted fashion of the designer and the raw stuff that make up his apartment. '' Ultimately all my stuff became one family, a tribe in which I live."

"Fashion week Tel Aviv Sasson Kedem for winter 2014-15"

In a long and slow moving fashion show - the avant-garde designer Sasson Kedem sent a message to the world - his design language is the most solid imaginable. Despite a few awkward moments, the show was well made.

"The Sasson Kedem fashion show: timeless fashion"

Many pleats and pockets, oversized bags and volume. The designer has created a trend free collection that explores the ratio between the clothes to the body.

" The Sasson Kedem journey"

In a show that created excitement among viewers, Sasson Kedem marched models down the runway dressed in moving poetic designs that are as Israeli as can be. Tho the poetry of it all still left a very familiar feeling of the designers signature touch.