Orders & Shipping

The fee for the delivery in Israel of each package valued under 1000₪ – is 30₪.
A Package valued over₪ 1000 will be free of delivery charge in Israel.

The fee for delivery out of Israel of each package is $\EU30 per package.
DHL or UPS express shipping 75$

Return pickups from customers address (collection) in case of return or exchange an item will be charged.
Company will pay for the return delivery if the products come damaged, or in wrong color or in wrong size.

If the products are exactly as the order without damage, in the right size and color the costumer will pay for the return delivery.
In the case of split packages the tariffs will apply in relation each package value. In the case of splitting the order was at the initiative of the company, shipping rates apply depending on the total order value performed by the customer.

Customers are welcome to pick up their orders without incurring any fees at the pickup address provided by the company at time of ordering.
The Company reserves the right to update the shipping rates from time to time in its sole discretion.